As a leader

NEW CD: Mood: with Harold Danko (piano), Jay Anderson (bass) and Jeff Hirshfield (drums). “Mood should be considered essential listening for anyone looking to pursue a performing career” (Ken Dryden, Feb. 2017, The New York City Jazz Record).


CD : ORGANIQUE with with Gary Versace (Hammond B-3 organ), Jeff Hirshfield (drums).


CD Nocturne. Rich Perry’s album ‘Nocturne’ marks the twenty-first release in his twenty-one year tenure with SteepleChase and for the first time Rich employs guitar (by Nat Radley) instead of piano for his quartet. They perform a selection of eight jazz standards from composers such as Charlie Parker, Kenny Dorham, Cole Porter and others.


Rich Perry has maintained a long-term friendship and collaboration with Harold Danko, begun during their days with Thad Jones/Mel Lewis. It has resulted in Perry’s cds To Start Again, Cancoes do Brasil, At Eastman, East Of The Sun, Rhapsody, Your’e My Everything and At The Kitano Vol 1. and Danko’s cds Prestigious, Nightscapes, Stablemates, Tidal Breeze, New Autumn, The Feeling of Jazz, Next Age, and Oatts &Perry Vols 1, 2, and 3.

Rich Perry has recorded extensively for SteepleChase. The 23 cds he has recorded as a leader have featured such greats as George Mraz, Fred Hersch, Victor Lewis, Scott Colley, Billy Hart, Frank Kimbrough, Jay Anderson, Renee Rosnes, Billy Drumond, George Colligan, and Tom Rainey.


  • Organique (SteepleChase, 2015)
  • Nocturne (SteepleChase, 2014)
  • Time Was (SteepleChase, 2012)
  • Grace (SteepleChase, 2011)
  • At the Kitano, Vol. 3 (SteepleChase, 2010)
  • Gone (SteepleChase, 2010)
  • At the Kitano, Vol. 2 (SteepleChase, 2008)
  • E.Motion (SteepleChase, 2007)
  • At the Kitano, Vol. 1 (SteepleChase, 2006)
  • Rhapsody (SteepleChase, 2006)
  • You’re My Everything (SteepleChase, 2005)
  •  East of the Sun and West of 2nd Avenue (SteepleChase, 2004)
  • At Eastman (SteepleChase, 2003)
  • Hearsay (SteepleChase, 2002)
  • O Grand Amor (SteepleChase, 2001)
  • Doxy (SteepleChase, 2000)
  • So in Love (SteepleChase, 2000)
  • Cancoes do Brasil (SteepleChase, 2000)
  • Left Alone (SteepleChase, 1997)
  • What Is This? (SteepleChase, 1995)
  • Beautiful Love (SteepleChase, 1994)
  • To Start Again (SteepleChase, 1993)

As a sideman

New CD “Live at Smalls” with Mark Soskin (piano), Jay Anderson (bass) and Anthony Pinciotti (drums)


New CD “Schwimmende Elefanten” with the Holger Scheidt.


New CD “People and Place“, with the Sam Javitch Quartet 


New CD “Complexes” with the Niculin Janett Quartet

JanettNew CD “Brooklyn Aura“, with the Dave Scott Quintet (Dave Scott, Rich Perry, Jacob Sacks, John Hebert, Satoshi Takeishi)


New CD with the Maria Schneider Orchestra : The Thompson Fields

Music Review Maria Schneider Orchestra

New CD with Keith Karns Big Band : An Eye on the Future


New CD with Arthur Vint & Associates: Through the Badlands

Arthur Vint

New CD with The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Over Time


New CD with Peter Brendler (bass), Message in Motion. The album features Rich Perry (tenor), Peter Evans (trumpet) and Vinnie Sperrazza (drums) and Ben Monder (guitar).

Peter Brendler

New CD with the Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra: Basically Baker, Vol. 2. The Big Band Music of David Baker.

Baker vol2

New CD with the George Mraz quartet: Live at The Castle with George Mraz (leader) on bass, David Hazeltine on piano and Joey Baron on drums. 


Rich Perry has appeared on over seventy cds, these are some of them:

  • Maria Schneider Orchestra
    • Evanescence
    • Coming About
    • Live At The Jazz Standard—Days Of Wine And Roses
    • Allegresse
    • Concert in the Garden
    • Sky Blue
    • The Thompson Fields
  • George Mraz
    • Bottom Lines
    • Mraz Jazz
    • Jazz at the Castle
  • Fred Hersch
    • Songs Without Words
    • Point in Time
    • Forward Motion
  • The Rufus Reid Quintet
    • The Gait Keeper
    • Live At The Kennedy Center
  • Ron McClure
    • Soft Hands
    • Dream Team
    • Double Triangle
    • New Moon
  • The Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra
    • In Europe
    • Live in Poland, Vol.2
  • The Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra
    • Naturally
    • Live in Montreux
    • Bob Brookmeyer Composer. Arranger
  • The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
    • Up From The Skies
    • The Way
    • Can I Persuade You
    • Lickety Split
    • The Thad Jones Legacy
    • Over Time
    • Monday Night Live at the Village Vanguard
  • Keith Karns Big Band
    • An Eye on The Future
  • Sam Javitch
    • People and Places
  • Andy LaVerne
    • Pianissimo
  • Paul Bley
    • Speechles
  • The John Fedchock New York Big Band
    • Up And Running
    • No Nonsense
    • On the Edge
    • Like it is
  • Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra
    • Basically Baker, vol.2 (the Big Band Music of David Baker).
  • Dave Stryker
    • Blue to the Bone
    • Big Room
  • Lee Konitz
    • RichLee
  • Joe Henderson
    • The Joe Henderson Big Band Big Band
  • Gary Versace
    • Time And Again
  • Clay Jenkins
    • Matters Of Time
  • Niculin Janett
    • No Parking Any Time
    • Complexes
  • Sila Cevikce
    • A New Abode
  • Olegario Diaz
    • Having Fun
    • The Skyline Sessions
  • Dave Scott
    • Song For Amy
    • Naïveté
    • Nonchalant
    • Brooklyn Aura
  • Aaron Irwin
    • Into The Light
  • Michael Blanco
    • In The Morning
  • Christian Finger
    • Merge Into Beauty
  • Steve Lampert
    • Venus Perplexed
    • Music From There
  • Dan Rufolo
    • Laughter
  • Jeanfrancois Prins
    • El Gaucho
  • Pete Malinverni
    • Invisible Cities
    • Emerging Markets
  • Jon Hamar
    • Idyl Wild
  • Richard Sussman
    • The Evolution Suite
  • Mareike Wiening
    • Crosswalk
    • Metropolis Paradise
  • Matt Panayides
    • Tapestries Of Song
    • Conduits
  • Hyeseon Hong Jazz Orchestra
    • EE-YA-GI
  • Peter Brendler
    • Outside The Line
    • Message in Motion
  • Arthur Vint & Associates
    • Through the Badlands
    • Death Rides a Horse
  • Jason Jackson
    • Inspiration
  • Holger Scheidt
    • The Tides of Life
    • Schwimmende Elefanten
    • Flight Falls